About the Author

It is a great feeling to belong to several social identities, particularly, when they encompass diverse cultures, values and educational and political systems. I was born during a time, when my native country, Italian Somaliland was under occupation. In my late teen age years to my early 20th, I lived in the USSR for military career training. In my mid 20th up till late 20th, I lived in Somalia, where I worked as a full citizen of the state. From early 30th to date, I have lived in Ontario, Canada, raised four children, acquired higher education and enjoying a peaceful life. Having lived in such diverse geographical locations with diverse cultures, and having been exposed to diverse educational and political systems, I believe I have developed many socio-cultural identities overtime. For instance, I am a Somali by birth, but experientially, identify with my former Italian, Russian and Ukrainian educators for being part of my individual development. I also closely identify with my fellow Canadian citizens who gave me the opportunity to turning myself into a mature, enlightened resident. From these multifaceted socio-cultural identities, I learned to be considerate and respectful to other peoples’ cultural values and traditions.